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Teacher’s Day

Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was born on 5th September 1888 in Tiruttani village near Madras. He became lecturer in Madras. After 3 years, he became teacher at Mysooh university. Then, he became Professor at Calcutta university then the vice chancellor at Andhra University. In 1926, he become Professor at Chicago University. When India got Independence, He went to Russia as an Indian Ambassador. He became the 2nd President of India in 1962 after Dr. Rajendra Prasad. This was his journey from a lecturer of salary Rs. 100/- month to the president of India. We celebrate teacher’s day in his respect.

We can teach the children about Dr. S. R. K’S simplicity, literacy and patriotism.

A student can learn about his strong will power and a strong desire to read as well as teach and hence a feeling of respect towards his teachers.

S. R. K. knew deeply about Indian education, culture and philosophy. He wrote many books in his life. He was a very good teacher. Students can help themselves in developing their character by knowing about him and reading his book.