Literary Club

Literary Club

it is only by introducing the young to great literature drama and poetry that we can open do then the possibilities that life within the human spirit and enable them to the students to exhibit & verbalize their imagination, originality and talents through a number of activities and games like proverb dumb charades, word building, mono acting, enacting short skits, spin a yarn composing poems and debates. The club organized different activities throughout the session. Students and the teachers took interests in all activities of the club.

Through this club we can teach various thing to the students, like, we can organize debates and discussions on the latest issues such as, social crimes, healthy environment, international budgets, corruption education, etc in Hindi as well English, so that, the students can improve their talking language and can be taught about the various problems occurring in the country’s administration and the social and environmental issues.

They will be aware of the social, environmental and other important issues and will know deep knowledge about it.

They will be also an improvement in their speaking language, Hindi and English.

Their confidence to face any problem, society or any competition will increase and will become confident.

This literary club can teach them the meaning of literary and education and language. Only improve in the grammatical mistakes is not a part of an improved language.

In today’s world there is the very much importance of being literate, either in English or Hindi as literary club not deals with the languages English and Hindi but also it means to be educated. Thus, in future education and language can help the students in various ways:-

* They can easily handle the problems, by applying their mind, for right step to be taken.

* They will be self dependent.

* They can face the strangers and also can be easily familiar with the strange places.

* They can’t be easily cheated by any person.

* At their stages of life, they can take a proper decision.

* Literary can help them to achieve their every willing goals etc.