Importance of eco club in school
In our school we have an eco-club, which performs activities to save the environment, like planting trees, organizing poster competitions on various environmental issues. Now our eco-club will organize activities to increase awareness about increasing pollution in the river Ganga.

Eco club is a platform on which we got the knowledge about environment. The meaning of an eco club in a group who works to contribute to improving environmental conditions. They offer programs and activities to encourage others to reduce pollution, plant trees, and more.

Eco club or green club is a voluntary group which promotes the participation of students in learning about, and improving their environment. A green club is a means by which students and youth can organize themselves to learn more and this issue, and also take action to improve their immediate environment.

For teachers, it is a wonderful opportunity to create awareness, build attitudes and help students take up activities in real world, in a way in which the constraints of the classroom and curriculum will not allow.

A green club can thus help to extend boundaries and scope of the formal educational system encouraging creativity, and improving students for constructive action.

Green club activities can help the teacher to meet the objectives of environmental education, which are to create awareness and sensitivity among individuals and social groups to the total environment and its allied problems. Impart knowledge to help individuals and social groups gain a variety of experiences in and acquire a basic understanding of, the environment and its associated problems.

Build attitudes to help individuals and social groups acquire a set of values and feelings of concern for environment, and the motivation for actively participating in environmental improvement and protection.

Teach skills to help individuals and social groups for identify and solve environmental problems.

And lead the students towards action to participate in appropriate action to help solve these problems and avoid future problems.

The students gain various other knowledge through this club. They understand the importance of eco system and the whole nature through this club. After this activity they may realize their and the other’s fault behind the damaging of nature and may practice follow some steps to get back the healthy environment, such as:-

* They may start planting trees

* Using dustbins

* Stopping deforestation

* Conveying message to the illiterate society about the importance of our healthy mature etc. ‘Thus, they can get back their eco-full environment in which every organisms are dependent on each other for their survival.

Other than these, their expressing power, talking skills, environmental knowledge etc may increase.

These activities are very beneficial for students for their future life as it teaches various skills and the importance of the eco-system in the nature.

They may not face any scarcity of resources

They may be very much eco- friendly.

They may get a proper surrounding for their smooth life- going.

Or they may get back the pollution free, clean, green and the healthy environment.

They may teach the further generation about the echo system and bring back the balanced nature and take lessons from these activities and start caring nature. Thus, this eco-club makes the student’s life more brighter and healthy.