The students for sure learn a lot of things in school. The students are meant to discover, develop and hone skills that will be helpful later in life. The various subjects taught here are also expected to given the students vast knowledge and wisdom. A quiz competition helps the student to show case immense wit on different field of endeavors. It is an area where the pupils take a step in the competitive world and prepare themselves not only in a particular subject but from different necessary field. Knowledge from the entire different field always prepares the students to face any kind of competition examination in their future.

Quiz Competition -2014

On 22nd November 2014, Montfort Sr. Sec. School has organized an inter-house Quiz competition. All the houses participated. There were 4 members from each house. The competition was divided into 3 rounds. All the participants took part enthusiastically and were very excited about it. All the participants have tried their best to win the competition.

The Quiz completion was not only for the entertainment but also for providing extra knowledge to the students. It also helped in building a good level of self-confidence in the students.

In this Quiz competition Yellow house was the winner and Blue house was the 1st runner up. Green house and Red house were on 3rd and 4th positions respectively.