Games & sports Club

Games & sports Club

With studies, Game and sports are also needed for a student. It is an another option or opportunity given students to come forward, who are weak in studies. It is important to establish games & sports club for students for their refreshing, enjoyment, fun as well as for health. Games make us to do physical exercise which is needed to be fit and healthy.

Through this activity a teacher wants to teach the students that other than studies, games and sports are the other field where one can show his/her talent and come up.

India is also famous for its different forms and talents of game over the world. And we teachers can encourage the children to keep on nation’s reputation in this field. Through this club we can grow respect for various sports man in the student’s heart.

Through this activity students can gain various good habits and many more qualities:-

They may start practicing healthy habits.

They may gain good health and a healthy personality.

They will get various knowledge about games and sports etc. It is also very beneficial for their future life.

They may come up and gain a very good personality in the field of sports.

This club can raise awareness for the healthy habits, and the students who are not from our school, can also gain knowledge related to sports, which can result a healthy life forever.

In future, the student may also fell the next generation the importance of sports and carry on this club.

These kinds of clubs is not only meant for school but it’s important in our whole life. The students can share and convey various knowledge about it to the student who cannot join the club/ poor students.